Thursday, April 29, 2004

Prima-News - Germany Grants Tax Exemption To Scientology Church

Has a certain ring to it doesn't? It's about time some of the positive information about Scientology made it into the media.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Here's a really good collection of sites on the subject of religious tolerance: Practical Freedom - Freedom Portal

Church of Scientology International European Public Affairs and Human Rights Office was established with the mission to advance human rights throughout Europe, pointing out the the right to education and a safe and productive life are basic human rights which we all should work to accomplish.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

The Church of Scientology is intensifying its anti-drug work in Europe, with the release of a new booklet and the establishment of the International Foundation for a Drug-Free Europe.

"At a launch event Wednesday in its Human Rights Office in Brussels, Belgium, the Church of Scientology International announced formation of a European-wide alliance, the Foundation for a Drug-Free Europe. This is the Church’s most recent step in its two decades of effective drug education, prevention and rehabilitation initiatives based on the developments of L. Ron Hubbard.

"Attending the event were officials from diverse drug education and prevention agencies throughout Europe, representing many religious, government and community organizations. These included Joaquin Antuna, founder of the international Spanish NGO Peace and Cooperation and former United Nations official; Gerard Emion, head of the Drug Prevention Coordination Unit of the European Commission; Karin Geirnartd from the Executive Council of Belgium Muslims; David Raynes, former Senior Custom & Excise Officer concerned with curtailing illicit drug distribution in the United Kingdom; E. Kenneth Eckersley, CEO of Addiction Recovery Training Services in the United Kingdom; Asa Graaf, founder and chairman of “Drug-Free Sweden;” and Miguel Cid Cebrian, attorney, author and former director of the National Plan on Drugs (PNSD) of the Spanish federal government.

"In remarks to the conference, Miguel Cid urged European institutions and national governments make drug prevention a vital priority and called the Foundation for a Drug-Free Europe 'a breath of fresh air in the polluted current society. The projects this foundation will generate will greatly contribute to governmental efforts to eradicate the drug scourge in society.'”...

The full article can be read here: Church of Scientology Fights Drug Epidemic in Europe,explains it all.

The booklet described can be found here:

Scientology European Anti-Drug Campaign

Scientology Effective Solutions - Drug Abuse Information
UK Version
EUpolitix - Information on Scientology

More interesting sites about Scientology and Dianetics in France
Scientologie - des solutions efficaces
Ma Philosophie par L. Ron Hubbard - L. Ron Hubbard Le Philosophe : La redécouverte de l'âme humaine
Église de Scientologie de Genève, Suisse
Détenteur des Marques Désposées de la Dianétique et de la Scientologies
Ministre volontaire de Scientologie
Grande exposition de Scientologie
A Propos de L. Ron Hubbard: Le Fondateur de la Scientologie
Association Spirituelle de l'Église de Scientologie de la Loire
Dianétique Technologie - Association Spirituelle de l'Église de Scientologie de la Loire
L'Audition de la Dianetique de Nouvel Age
Sites sur la Scientologie Philosophie Religieuse Appliqué, la Dianétique Technologie de traitement Spirituel et L. Ron Hubbard
David Miscavige - Des Marques Desposées de la Dianétique et de la Scientologie
La naissance de la Dianétique - L. Ron Hubbard Le Philosophe : La redécouverte de l'âme humaine

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Here's a really important site: ADD and ADHD Fraud. Find out the truth about ADD and ADHD. Exposing the Fraud of ADD and ADHD.

Our kids are being medicated into "being good". I know very few adults who wouldn't have been labled ADHD as kids and put on these drugs.

When you look at the side effects of Ritilan and other similar drugs I don't understand how any parent who would willingly put their child on them (if they were informed of what they do.)

There is some very important information on this whole situation in the most recent edition of Freedom Magazine which is Published by the Church of Scientology International. The lead story is Education - The Fatal Flaw fatal because it is the factor underlying the horrendous increase in child and teen suicide and school violence and killings.

ANY parent who is being pressured into putting their kid on Ritalin should read this article, and if they need help they should contact the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) which will insist on their rights to protect their child from this menace.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Tom Cruise raised $1.2 million to help New York City rescue workers recover from exposure to the toxins that followed the destruction of the World Trade Center.

The article in the BBC, BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Actor Cruise backs terror detox says:

"The detox regime was designed by Ron L Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology, to which Cruise belongs.

'I worried about those who had survived and been exposed," said the actor at a recent fundraising dinner.

'(I) knew immediately that not only would people be getting ill... but that it would be sooner rather than later.'

Alternative treatment

'Once the towers had gone down and we were faced with the aftermath of their collapse, I could not get out of my mind that huge cloud billowing across Manhattan,' said Cruise, who visited Ground Zero soon after the attacks in 2001.

The cash raised will help treat around 400 emergency workers at a detox centre on New York's Long Island.

The alternative treatment, outlined in Hubbard's book Clear Body, Clear Mind, uses "exercise, sauna sweat-out, vitamins and minerals" to help rescue workers cleanse their bodies of toxic materials.

Los Angeles-based Bridge Publications, which publishes Hubbard's non-fiction works, claims it has already helped some 200 emergency workers.

The technique, from the controversial Church of Scientology, has also been used to treat drug addicts. "

I've seen a video in which some of these rescue workers who have completed this program were interviewed. It's remarkable the change the tragedy made in their lives - how debilitated they were as a result of all their toxic exposure -and even more remarkable how well they are doing now that they finished the detox program.

I wish Tom Cruise all the success in the world in what he's doing to make this available to the people who most deserve the help.

Here's a link to the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project

Scientology Churches and Activities and Dianetics Groups in Australia

Australia has been home to Scientology activities since the beginning. Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health was published in 1950 and Dianetics counseling groups sprung up around the country overnight.

Australia also has a Saint Hill organization which is a college where Scientology auditors (ministers and ministers-in-training who are learning Scientology counseling technology) get advanced training. This is named after Saint Hill Manor in England, where Scientology founder,L. Ron Hubbard lived for much of the 1960's where he did much of the research and developement of Scientology applied religious philosophy. There is also an Advanced Organization where Scientologists move up to higher levels of spiritual awareness. These two organizations are combined and called AOSH ANZO (AO for Advanced Organization, SH for Saint Hill, and ANZO for Australia, New Zealand and Oceania).

Scientology churches in Australia do a great deal of work in their communities, including drug education programs . One of their most successful anti-drug programs is called the "Drug Free Ambassadors ", where kids pledge not to take drugs and to help get their friends to commit to the same thing.

Here are some more web sites about Scientology churches and activities in Australia.
Australia Dianetics Resources

Dianetics and Scientology Results and Success
Dianetics: Understanding the Mind
Dianetics the Evolution of a Science

Australia Scientology Resources

Scientology Technology to Help Children
Scientology Study Technology: Effective Education and Training
L. Ron Hubbard: Study Technology
Scientology: Freeing Society from Drugs

Information about L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard: Study Technology
L. Ron Hubbard: Founder of Scientology
L. Ron Hubbard, The Humanitarian - Education

Saturday, April 10, 2004

IRS Decision on the Churches of Scientology

It's about time someone printed the truth about the IRS decision granting tax exempt status to the various churches of Scientology and related groups in 1993.

Here's the true story on it, as printed in the St. Petersburg Times.

Scientology gets no special treatment

Re: IRS' "chosen people," editorial, March 25.

Contrary to the message conveyed in your editorial, Scientologists do not receive preferential treatment from the Internal Revenue Service. Scientology auditing and training are religious worship, not religious education. The U.S. Tax Court and 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals both recognized this in the earlier tax case that Michael and Marla Sklar lost. As the 9th Circuit stated:

"The Tax Court concluded that the Sklars were not similarly situated to the members of the Church of Scientology who benefited from the closing agreement.... Religious education for elementary or secondary schoolchildren does not appear to be similar to the "auditing' and "training' conducted by the Church of Scientology."

The concurring opinion said that the IRS treatment of Scientology should be challenged if there were disparate treatment. But the plain fact is that there is no disparate treatment to challenge.

The St. Petersburg Times comments on the purported 1993 agreement between the church and the IRS, but no one at the paper appears to have read it. It clearly states as follows:

"The Service [IRS] acknowledges its obligation to interpret and apply the "gift or contribution' requirement of Code section 170(c) equally and consistently to the fundraising practices of all religious organizations that receive fixed donations from parishioners in connection with participation in worship and similar religious rituals or services."

The lie that Scientologists now receive preferential IRS treatment stems from critics' inability to look beyond the bottom line holding of the Supreme Court's 1989 Hernandez decision. The Supreme Court specifically declined to address, and thus left open for the future, a key issue - whether the IRS treated Scientologists unfairly by allowing members of other churches to deduct comparable payments to their churches. This specific issue was developed in subsequent litigation that culminated in a three-week trial before the U.S. Tax Court in April 1992, called Garrison vs. Commissioner.

After more than 10 years, I am appalled by the malicious falsehood of preferential treatment for Scientologists. Scientology auditing and training are religious services, not religious education. Donations for auditing and training are deductible to the same extent as, but to no greater extent than, donations by parishioners of other religions to secure access to worship and similar religious rituals in their respective faiths. Scientologists are not entitled to deduct - and do not seek to deduct - payments for their children's tuition at Scientology-related private schools.

The Sklars are free to argue that Section 170 of the Code should be interpreted to allow deductions for payments for religious education by taxpayers of all faiths. They likewise are free to try to prove that their children's Yeshiva school principally involves religious worship rather than religious education. But they cannot reasonably argue that an IRS agreement to accord equal tax treatment to payments for access to Scientology religious services somehow entitles the Sklars to deduct payments for their children's religious education. It is irresponsible for the Times to support this position.

-- Monique E. Yingling, tax counsel for the Church of Scientology, Washington, DC

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Okay - here is a really cool site: Art on the Net (

It is a showcase where artists can have their own online studios. You just have to apply, and if accepted you're away.

They select an artist of the month each month. I looked through some of the galleries and they are terrific!

Check out the visual artists here: Art on the Net: visual Artists

I especially loved the word of Alfredo Consalez Nunez. Click on the links at the right of the page here

Thursday, April 01, 2004

I thought this was such a funny piece, I thought I'd share it. It was in US News and World Report on October 25th, 1993:

L. Ron Hubbard; John Sculley; Suzane Doucette
Oct 25 '93

"L. RON HUBBARD, founder of the Church of Scientology, didn't live to see the realization of one of his fondest dreams. Last week, after a bitter and expensive 39-year court battle, the government granted the church and about 150 of its related corporations tax-exempt status as religious organizations, which could save them tens of millions of dollars a year. Hubbard died in 1986, but a Scientology leader compared the decision to "the Palestinians and the Israelis shaking hands."