Friday, September 10, 2010

Golden Era Productions - A 21st Century Religion in the Age of Multimedia

Golden Era Productions - A 21st Century Religion in the Age of Multimedia:

Scientology is truly a religion for the 21st century and so utilizes new-millennium technology to carry out its religious mission. To that end, the Church moved into the multimedia age with establishment of state-of-the-art film and audio facilities at Golden Era Productions. Set on 500 acres in Southern California, this is the worldwide dissemination center for the entire Scientology religion, responsible for all film, video, television, Internet and international event production.

It is here the staff of Golden Era Productions produces audiovisual informational and training materials for use within Scientology Churches, as well as films and public service announcements centered on Church-sponsored social betterment activities and humanitarian initiatives."

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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Refreshing posting

Found this posting in a forum. Found it really interesting, because it makes sense to me - if someone walks into a Scientology church and checks it out, this is the kind of experience they have. Just by casing aside bias and rumor and looking into it themselves.

Some of his terminology is a bit off, but the sincerity shines through.

I visited a Church of Scientology

Ok I am new so I would like to share my latest experience with you. I visited a Church of Scientology in Manchester last week, I was quite pleasantly surprised to hear what they could offer me. I found out that Scientology is about neutralizing the reactive mind, effectively make your mind clear and that this is done through Dianetics. I had a single auditing session which cost £110 with a member of the church, he guided me because I am preclear and he looked into my mind and talked to me while I closed my eyes, I entered into a weird state called Dianetic reverie and my eyelashes were trembling. During the session I was conscious of everything and could fully recall everything after. So lets say you have some kind of phobia or mental disorder, Dianetics helps you lose those problems and clear is when they never bother you again, it is just amazing, I felt really good after.

The next step when I return next week is to work to find my soul, Operation Thetan. One of the Scientologist was telling me he believes humans are spiritual beings, so our bodies are not truly us. So you are supposed to find the true you. leading to spiritual growth and understanding of yourself and the world, it as really interesting and I may study this religion even more.

When I visited I also noticed they also had courses that teach you basic grammar, communication skills, ethics, morals and even had a sauna in their facility to cleanse your body of toxins called the purification rundown. After talking to some of the members they all have different ranks that determine how clear or advanced you are according to their standards. They told me if I joined and worked my way up to the special levels I can get my own spaceship.

As for people saying it is a money cult, you don't need money since there is an option for those who cannot afford the programs, and there is a library in the churches where you can read the books, listen to lectures and watch videos for free and the church donates books to local libraries. The church isn't going to turn away a homeless guy just because he has no money.

I cant wait for next weeks Scientology adventure in finding my soul if I go back.....

James Madisson