Friday, October 14, 2005 on Scientology

The Scientology page on is an example of what people write about Scientology when they find out for themselves what Scientology is all about.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cesnur Scientology Page

The Center for Studies on New Religions is an international network of associations of scholars working in the field of new religious movements. Its director is the Italian scholar Massimo Introvigne. CESNUR is independent from any religious group, Church, denomination or association. This site is managed by CESNUR International of Torino, Italy.

They have assembled a compilation of articles and web sites on the Scientology religion and other new religions, and seek to present a balanced and temperate view on an often explosive subject - new religious movements.

CESNUR also published the text on the Church of Scientology by J. Gordon Melton.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Youth for Human Rights in Canada

This article showed up in El Popular in canada this week.

Odeon Galaxy Cinemas are airing a shortened version of the "UNITED" music video in all of its theatre TV screes for the month of September.

YHR is an a=international not-for-profit organization, with the purpose orf educating youth about Human Rights in order to help them become valuable addvocates for the promotion of tolerance and peace based on the Declaration of Human Rights outlined by the United Nations.

the music video "UNITED" was created by TXL Films for Youth for Human Rights International with the help fo the Human Rights Department of the Church of Scientology International. That production traveled 45,000 miles sthrough 14 countries and constituted one of the largest human rights film productions in history. The video premiered as part of the Youth For Human Rights International Summit for 2004, which was held at the United Nations world headquarters and other prominent locations in in New York.

There is also information on the 2005 International Youth Summit at the David Miscavige blog

Friday, October 07, 2005

Scientology and Children

I read the wierdest commentary on what Scientologists believe about raising kids today, that I had to comment and post the truth.

There's what L. Ron Hubbard says about the raising of children:

“A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is about the best therapy a child can have.”

So much for tabloid "controversy."

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Some of my favorite blogs

I found this great piece by Alan Alda on
Of course Alda is my favorite. Not only did I spend 11 years watching M*A*S*H every week, but aother couple of years watching the reruns every night, and never got tired of them. And this is a great story he wrote about a major change he experienced in his life.

And here are some blogs, some of them fairly new, about Mr. David Miscavige which I quite like:

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Volunteer MInisters in Action

Over the past two weeks Scientology Volunteer Ministers have mobilized hundreds of volunteers throughout the Gulf Coast but with the amount of aide needed thousands more are still being called for.

It could well be months before housing and work can be found for all of the evaquees and who knows how long it will take for some of the areas like New Orleans to be habitable.

This is an appeal for others to join our troups.

People of all faiths are welcome. Scientologists worked alongside and trained Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems and Christians last winter in South Asia in the Scientology techniques they use to help victims of disaster.

For anyone wishing to know more about the Scientology Volunteer Ministers program, I recommend you read the article Religions Influence in Society by L. Ron Hubbard, and visit the Volunteer Ministers website. Also Mr. David Miscavige gave an excellent described the Volunteer Ministers program in the This is Scientology DVD which can be seen at any Scientology church or ordered online at

Monday, September 05, 2005

Volunteer Ministers - Thousands Needed

There are over 300 Scientology Volunteer Ministers helping in Louisianna, Mississippi, Texas and places farther afield where survivors have been sent for shelters (such as Atlanta and Washington D.C) but this is just a drop in the bucket.

Scientolgy  Volunteer Ministers Disaster Relief

Scientology Volunteer Ministers
Hurricane Katrina
Relief Effort

We need thousands volutneers to really handle magnitude of this disaster on a one-on-one basis. Scientologists are doing a brilliant job and acknowledgements keep pouring in but there are millions in need. Please join us. Whether your are a Scientologist or not doesn't matter the slightest. First of all Scientology is a non-denominational religion so anyonecan learn the skills they use to help people. Secondly these guys are experts putting people and not just busy-work but real productive satisfying work that helps people! We will train anyone who wants to help on the special techniques the Scientology Volunteer Ministers are famous for.

They come from Scientology Handbook. If you want more information about Scientollgy Volunteer Ministers I recommend you watch Mr. David Miscavige's speech in the DVD calledThis is Scientology which is available to be viewed at any Scientology church.

If you can't come to help, your dontations are needed. We are paying for the support of 300 volunteers rights now -- their room and board and supplies -- and we don't get any funding for this at all.

You can

Friday, September 02, 2005

Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Louisianna

There are hundreds of Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Louisianna right now, mostly in Baton Rouge and Lafayette at the two Scientology missions there. They are helping those who have been evacuated.

But many more hundreds are needed, and money is also desparately needed for food, clothing, medical supplies, water and bedding for the survivors.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers web site gives up-to-date information on what is needed.

If you can join us, please do.

If you want to find more about the Scientology Volunteer Ministers I recommend watching the David Miscavige DVD called This is Scientology. It can be purchased online at and Mr. Miscavige gives and excellent descripton of the program.

From hearing his speech you can see why anyone, of any faith, can become a Scientology Volunteer Minister.

Thousands are needed!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Proud to be a Scientologist

I've been blogging for a few years, on and off, on this site, and I'm sure it's pretty obvious I'm a Scientologist. I am very proud that I've been a member of the church of Scientology for more than 30 years.

I've gained so much from what I've learned and done in Scientology.

And I think what I like the most is how much I've been able to help my friends and family.

And now is the best time to become a Scientologist, with new Scientology churches and missions opening up all over, and the most wonderful books and recorded lectures by

Sunday, August 21, 2005

David Miscavige

Mr. Miscavige is an excellent speaker and I've seen this presentation a number of times, and have shown it to friends to give them more understanding of why I am so passionate about Scientology.

Anyone who wants to see this DVD can go into a Scientology church of mission and ask to see it. It is called "This is Scientology".

It can also be purchased through the Scientology bookstore at

Here are a few blogs about David Miscavige which I haven't seen before:

The David Miscavige blog-city blog
The David Miscavige blog
The David Miscavige Blogsource blog

Thursday, August 18, 2005

What is Scientology

With all the excitement over Tom Cruise for the past several months, I've had more and more friends, and people at work, who know I'm a Scientologist, ask me "What is Scientology?"

Because Scientology is an applied religious philosophy, and it deals with the very substance of life and thought, it is awfully hard to explain "what it is" in ten words or less (or even in a couple of hours).

The best way I know to explain what Scientology is, is by showing what it is.

Life being the way it is, on planet Earth, most everyone (and you can eliminate the "most") has something that is holding them back from acheiving their true potential. Even people who are terrifically successful in life know that they could be more able. And if nothing else, they probably have friends or family members who are not doing as well as they are and whom they would really like to help if they only knew how.

So the best first step I know, in Scientology book by L. Ron Hubbard, the Founder of the Scientology counseling. It is called auditing because the person delivering it, the "auditor" listens. (Audire = listen in Latin). Have you ever told someone what your problem is only to have them take it over and tell you all the ways you can solve it (none of which are feasible and what do they think you're crazy and never thought of that yourself?!!) Well a Scientology auditor never does that. He or she just listens and helps directy you to look at the situation so thoroughly that you come to your own understanding. Just by doing that people suddenly spot how to resolve the problem. And if it doesn't just vanish, at least they know enough now to be able to deal with it.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

L. Ron Hubbard Films

L. Ron Hubbard is known primarily as a writer and as the founder of the Scientology religion, but he was also a very accomplished photographer. In the late 70's and early 80's, realizing that the level of literacy of the society had seriously declined, L. Ron Hubbard saw that to ensure that he could impart the technology he developed to anyone willing to learn to help others he would have to develope a visual means of transmitting certain information.

Training films have been with us for a long time, but the kind of training films Mr. Hubbard developed are quite different. He also wrote scripts and treatments for a number of Scientology introductory films as well, and to get an idea of what they are like I recommend you visit a church of Scientology and ask to see their video displays or watch a film.

Completely aside from Scientology introductory and training films, Mr. Hubbard also spent some time in Hollywood as a script writer and the imdb data base of L. Ron Hubbard's filmography includes these contributions as well.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Some Scientology Sites I Recommend

I've seen more traffic to my site in the past month than for a long time before, and I figure it's because Scientology is in the news so much.

So I thought I'd list out some of my favorite links:

There is a newsroom you can visit at but I prefer to one at the Scientology Press Office website because I find it a bit more convenient since the whole site is set up as a newsroom.

The Ontario Consultants on Religious Freedom is the work (and love) of really one man, a retired Toronto man who has a passion for tolerance, and he shows his ability to write a cool, un-biased report on Scientology on two pages on his site: Scientology part 1 and Scientology part 2.

J. Gordon Melton is a religious scholar who has specialized in American religions and new religious movements. He has done quite a bit of research into Church of Scientology. Here's a review of his book "The Church of Scientology" too.

L. Ron Hubbard sites:

Here are some of my favorites. There is the East Grinstead Hall of Fame page on L. Ron Hubbard which covers some of the things he did while researching Scientology in the United Kingdom.

Another good site is an overview of the work of L. Ron Hubbard in many fields and, in fact, it is called L. Ron Hubbard, a Profile.

Ron was also a poet, as you can see in L. Ron Hubbard the Poet/Lyricist and Hubbard was a prolific writer in many genres.

He Must've Had Something Else On His Mind

ROME (Reuters) - A Macedonian man left his wife at an Italian service station and only realized he had driven off without her six hours later, news agency Ansa said Monday

The couple, who were traveling with their 4-year-old daughter, pulled over for gas in the coastal city of Pesaro as they were heading back to their home to Germany.

After filling the tank, the husband drove away -- without noticing that his 30-year-old wife had got out of the car to go to the toilet.

The woman, who had no money or documents with her, contacted the police who eventually traced her husband to Milan, some 210 miles north of Pesaro, Ansa said.

The husband told police he hadn't missed his wife because she always sat in the back of the car with their daughter.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Church of Scientology in the United Kingdom

Because L. Ron Hubbard made his home in England,and he did so much of his research there, and because every technical bulletin and policy is published with a statement at the top stating that L. Ron Hubbard's office is in Sussex, England, Scientologists know about the sleepy town of East Grinstead, and hold it in their highest regard.

I had the pleasure of visiting Saint Hill (the name of the manor where the Church of Scientology of the United Kingdo is headquartered) and it is a beautiful place - words and even photos don't begin to give it justics.

Church of Scientology United Kingdom

Church of Scientology
of the United Kingdom

Friday, July 08, 2005

Citizens Commission on Human Rights

I am very proud of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

As I've been saying in my blog for the past few years I am a Scientologist and I (like Tom Cruise) have always hated psychiatry.

Actually, that's not entirely true.

As long as I've know anything about psychiatry I've hated psychiatry.

It started in 1968 when I was 20 years old. I was in college, and I went home on vacation. When I got back I found the husband of my best friend had had her committed to a (very luxurious, expensive, only-the-best-for-her) psych hospital and had signed her up for shock treatment. 15 of them to be exact.

Two weeks later when I got back she didn't even remember who I was.

She got (some of) her memory back, but she never got back her life.

After 3 years of trying to help her (including trying to talk her into coming off the meds that had made her a vegetable) I finally gave up.

I had to face the fact that as long as she was under the "care" of a psychiatrist they would be making her worse at a far greater rate than I would be able to help her.

This was a good year before I found out about Scientology.

And I didn't even realize that Citizens Commission on Human Rights was formed in the late 60's. I think it was 1968 or 1969. So it was really new when this all happened to me (or to my best friend to be exact).

It wasn't until 1976 that I heard about CCHR. And that was 3 years after I'd moved to LA, and had completely lost contact with her.

If Citizens Commission on Human Rights had been there (or I'd known about them) in the fall of 1968, maybe I could have saved my friend's life (because after the shock treatments and the meds, Jane would do nothing but sleep all day. She wouldn't talk. She didn't pay any attention to her 4 kids. Nothing. No life.)

That's why I think it's so important that people know how to get hold of CCHR and contact them if they are in a position like I was.

Their 800 number is (800) 869-2247.

And their web site is

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Tom Cruise

Here's an article I really agree with, which really gets the point about what Tom Cruise has been saying on TV on the subject of psychiatry and the drugs they use to "treat" "disorders"

One of the artificial flaps du jour recently was about Tom Cruise's comments related to psychiatry and Ritalin. What do actors know about medicine, many of the snide TV talking heads said?

Well, in the first place, actors are human beings and can know anything anyone else can. Just because a person is an actor doesn't mean that he is dumb. Cruise started with nothing and has forged himself a successful career in a viciously competitive and cutthroat business. Dumb people can't do that.

Furthermore, psychiatry is a pseudo-science, just like so-called social science, as Cruise said. There are several psychiatric theories floating around, some of them contradictory. Sigmund Freud has been thoroughly discredited. Alfred Kinsey turned out to be an entomologist, not a psychologist, who preferred to interview convicted pedophiles, who are hardly an objective source on normal sex habits.

Neurology is a science, but psychiatry is not. Neurology studies the physical structure of the brain, while psychiatry purports to study the intangible products of that physical brain, such as thought, imagination and behavior. These are things that cannot be measured or weighed or, with the exception of behavior, even observed.

As for Ritalin, which in my opinion is irresponsibly prescribed for millions of children, it is a stimulant in the same family as cocaine. Long-term studies show that it has no permanent therapeutic value. Furthermore, there is disagreement on whether the so-called attention-deficit disorder even exists. There are also some negative side effects of Ritalin.

So Cruise was quite correct in admonishing NBC's Matt Lauer to read a history of psychiatry and to study the drug Ritalin before he superficially mouths off about their alleged benefits based on nothing more than anecdotal evidence. Journalists don't like to be challenged, but Lauer is the guy who brought the subject up. Cruise called him on it, and Lauer was found lacking any real knowledge of the subject – which, of course, is normal for talk-show hosts.

I wouldn't go to Tom Cruise for medical advice, but I wouldn't go to Matt Lauer, either. Of the two, Cruise has clearly got the edge when it comes to IQ. You have to remember that the gossip, entertainment and paparazzi people are the sludge at the bottom of the journalistic tank. They are superficial, without talent, but greedy and ambitious.

Unless they commit some heinous crime, actors can't hurt their careers by talking. The American public knows that everyone has a right to his or her opinion on any subject. Besides, they don't buy tickets to see Tom Cruise; they buy tickets to see him play a character. And he's very good at that.

There should be wider debate on psychiatry and psychiatric drugs. Unfortunately, medicine in America is market-driven, and the big Hemi engine in that truck is the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceuticals make drugs and sell doctors on prescribing them at outrageous prices. Most of these drugs do nothing more than alleviate symptoms. They treat; they don't cure. And not infrequently they have serious, even deadly, side effects.

Thanks to the pharmaceutical industry and its billions of dollars' worth of slick advertising, we are probably the most pill-popping nation on the face of the Earth. Small wonder we have an illegal-drug problem, since we are bombarded with images of people restored to their smiling, healthy lifestyles by some miraculous drug.

These pharmaceuticals have such a grip on Congress that they succeeded in writing into law a prohibition against importing cheaper drugs from Canada and a prohibition against Medicare bargaining with the pharmaceuticals for lower prices.

That, to me, is a far more important point to discuss than what Tom Cruise thinks about psychiatry. In this case, you have a naked example of Congress putting the profits of the pharmaceuticals ahead of the welfare of the people of the United States. In the other, you have an entertainer offering a personal opinion. Last time I checked, that was not a crime.

July 5, 2005

Charley Reese has been a journalist for 49 years. Write to Charley Reese at P.O. Box 2446, Orlando, FL 32802.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Scientology's political presence on the rise

By Kirsten Stewart

The Salt Lake Tribune

What does Tom Cruise have to do with the anti-Ritalin bill passed by Utah's Legislature last year? Nothing really, except both embody the teachings of Scientology and neither is going away anytime soon.

Lucas says Cruise's public display represents growing awareness about the "national crisis" of children and adults being prescribed mind-altering drugs.

"I don't have the power or staff or resources that the psychiatrists have. The only thing I have going for me is I tell the truth and I'm relentless. Without integrity, I'm lost," said Lucas.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Welcome Me Home

I've been away on business for the past few months with no time to blog. But I'm home now and see one of my favorite subjects is all over the news....

Tom Cruise and Scientology

Go Tom!

As a Scientologist I am so proud of Tom Cruise speaking up about his beliefs, and being completely honest and forthright about psychiatry.

I have personal experience with friends who were completely ruined by psychiatry and psychology and so many people don't know how dangerous it is to go to a psych -- until it's too late.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Jenna Elfman and Scientology

I'm a fan of Jenna Elfman. I loved her in the movie "Keeping the Faith" and I think she has such charm and an incredible commic timing and instinct that makes her exceptional. She's lovely too.

I'm also very proud of her as a Scientologist because she's such a good example of Scientology principles in action. She contibutes her "star power" to projects the Church is doing in the field of human rights and social reform.

She also opened a Scientology mission in San Francisco in the SoMa district.

I loved the story behind that. Most Scientologists tend to open missions in their home towns. That's why Isaac Hayes and Lisa Marie Presely teamed up to open a mission in Memphis and why Kirsty Alley opened a mission in Witchita.

Jenna isn't from San Francisco -- by Dharma (of Dharma and Greg) is, and she opened a mission in the home town of her character!

She was on hand to help celebrate the grand opening of the new Scientology church in Buffalo

When a human rights group that the Church supports (Youth for Human Rights International) decided to create a music video to promote human rights, Jenna agreed to volunteer her time for a cameo appearance.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Tom Cruise and Scientology


As a Scientologist for many years, I have learned and gained so much.

Tom Cruise has done so much to help people find out about Scientology.

I wanted to share some of the best press on this with anyone viewing my blog, and give them insight as to why so many people are turning to Scientology for solutions. There's nothing I'd like more than for someone to do better in life!

ere are some examples of what Mr. Cruise has done to bring Scientology solutions to people around the world:

E-Online -- Cruise: Scientology Ambassador

Jan 30, 2002, 12:30 PM PT
Tom Cruise is crusading on behalf of Scientology. The Hollywood hunk, a steadfast devotee of the Church of Scientology, met with the U.S. ambassador in Germany to stick up for the organization's rights in that country, according to Reuters. more>>

BBC News -- Cruise Lobbies Over Scientology

Actor Tom Cruise has been lobbying officials in Germany over Scientology.

Cruise has long been an outspoken advocate of the religion and wanted to lend his weight to seeing it recognised in Germany.

Beliefnet -- New Church of Scientology Opens in Madrid: Actor Tom Cruise Addresses the Thousands in Attendance

Joining Mr. David Miscavige to celebrate today’s opening in Madrid was actor Tom Cruise, who described how Scientology has helped him in his life and career. more>>

Beliefnet -- Tom Cruise Says Scientology Helped with Learning Disability

After "Top Gun" came out in 1986, Cruise became a Scientologist and discovered the "Study Technology" the religion's founder, L. Ron Hubbard. more>>

Tom Cruise Explains His Commitment to Scientology

In the December 2004 "Men of the Year" issue of GQ, cover subject Tom Cruise sits down with features editor Lucy Kaylin for a candid conversation about the learning disorder that led to his role in Scientology, the "catastrophe of epic proportions" facing us today, and what it is really like to be Tom Cruise. more>> -- Tom Cruise Talks About Fame and Scientology

Cruise says of the controversy of that seems to cling to Scientology: "I really don't care what people say. Here's the thing you've got to understand: I'm not looking for approval from anyone. Because I know when my head hits the pillow at night, I'm doing everything I can to make the world a better place." more>>

Rolling Stone -- The Passion of the Cruise

Tom Cruise talks frankly for the first time about why Scientology is "the shit, man" more>>

Dateline -- Catching up with Tom Cruise

Actor talks about family values, Scientology and epic movie more>>

And if that's not enough, keep track of what Tom's doing at this blog about Cruise and Scientology Tom Cruise News Clips

Thursday, January 13, 2005

This from the Cambridge Chronicle online (they send their stories to archive pretty fast so I'm printing the whole story) online you can find it at

Mack travels for tsunami relief effort

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Ksenia Mack of Cambridge is joining her Scientologist church volunteer ministry in Sumatra to offer relief services to the country devastated by the worst tsunami in recorded history.

Mack, a performer and guitar instructor, has lived in Cambridge for more than five years. Her performances include local venues such as Club Passim and the Lizard Lounge, but have also transcended the larger audiences, such as her opening gigs with such acts as the Indigo Girls and Willie Nelson. Known in her local North Cambridge community as the guitar teacher who teaches from her home alcove overlooking the street with its big picture window, she has now put everything on hold to travel halfway across the world.

"I feel that I can do something effective and want to help with the grief and turmoil," said Mack. "I want to help those victims increase their ability to return to their villages and rebuild their lives."

Mack has been a volunteer minister with the Church of Scientology for the past five years. The program, known as the VM program, is a year-round voluntary activity developed by Scientology's founder L. Ron Hubbard, to bring spiritual relief to anyone coping with the struggles of life. In disaster situations, the main tools of the volunteer minister are Scientology Assists and organizational skills. Assists are applied after basic first aid and help a person recover spiritually from shock, trauma and exhaustion.

"Assists ease the emotional suffering and help bring an individual out of the trauma of the past and into the present, where they can begin to help themselves," said Mack. "I know something can be done about the situation, so I felt it was my duty to do what I could."

Mack will leave for Sumatra Jan. 15, where she will join more than 300 volunteer ministers from around the world. For those wishing to donate funds to assist Mack and other volunteer ministers working on the relief effort, call 617-266-3841.