Sunday, February 29, 2004

One of my favorite painters is a fairly obscure member of the French Impressionists, named Odilon Redon. As you can see his paintings are quite magical.

The Buddha is an example of one of his most mystical works.

Found the new web site of a Dianetics counseling group - the Fraser Valley Dianetics Group British Columbia.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

I just logged onto Google news and was overwhelmed by disaster after disaster reported there.

It brings two things to mind -

First - people need help. Sane men and women do not commit acts of violence against one another. It is probably more urgent than ever that we reach out to people with real help. Dianetics and Scientology provide so many answers to these social problems.

Second - there is so much good news every day, all over the world. Why is this not considered newsworthy? How is it that death, suicide bombings and insurection are more important that a firefighter risking his life and saving a family whose home is burning down, or a teacher truly helping a child? I, for one, would really like to see that kind of balance presented in the news.

More Scientology Links

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David Miscavige - Founding Church of Scientology Washington DC
Church of Scientology Advanced Organization & Saint Hill in Copenhagen, Denmark(AOSHEU) Take a virtual tour of AOSH EU

Sunday, February 08, 2004

With John Kerry taking the lead in the Democratic primaries he's clearly the man to watch. I certainly like his environmental record a whole lot better than I like Bush's. I am very unhappy with how we have handled Iraq, and with our lack of credibility with other nations from our actions over the past three years. It is the responsiblity of the United States to help solve the most pressing problems in the word today - not to exacerbate them.

Bush's statement today on Meet the Press is very disturbing. As he put it "I'm a war president. I make decisions here in the Oval Office in foreign policy matters with war on my mind." That is not how I view my country and my president.

On a brighter note, here are some more Scientology and Dianetics links from Japanese web sites.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Here's an excellent resource on the Scientology religion: the Google category that answers What is Scientology?

Sunday, February 01, 2004

I get such a kick out the Internet and its international scope. Here's an example: a page created by a Japanese

Here's a Japanese book about the Scientology book called The Problems of Work that has some more Scientology links.

And here's another Japanese site with Scientology Links.