Thursday, May 27, 2004

Scientology Volunteer Ministers

Scientology volunteers feed thousands of workers

Here's a story I just ran across on the Scientology Volunteer Ministers. I'm proud to be a Scientology Volunteer Minister myself!

Here's a new site, that covers many of the activities of this group in Europe.

Scientology Effective Solutions - Volunteer Ministers Bringing effective help to the community

Other Great Stories about Scientology Volunteer Ministers

Scientology Earns An Assist At Ground Zero

Scientology reaches out to troubled

Scientology Volunteer Ministers - Scientology Solutions to a Troubled World

The Church of Scientology - Volunteer Minister Program

Thursday, May 20, 2004

What I love about my religion is how pro-active it is. Here's a story of how Scientologists in Hungary are running and anti-drug marathon to promote living drug-free lives. If it convinces any youth not to take drugs this is a terrific service to the people of the country.

The Budapest Sun Online - Scientology Anti-Drug Marathon

There are many Scientologists and Scientology churches and missions that work to promote drug-free lives. The Church of Scientology International recently published a booklet that provides quite a bit of information on Scientology Drug Solutions . It is also online and available in several languages:
Scientology Antworten und Lösungen ; Wege aus der Drogengesellschaft (Germany)
Scientology Antworten und Lösungen ; Wege aus der Drogengesellschaft (Austria)
Scientology Effective Solutions - Drug Abuse Information (UK)
Scientology Antworten und Lösungen ; Wege aus der Drogengesellschaft (Switzerland)
Cienciología, soluciones eficaces
Scientologie : des solutions efficaces - informations au sujet de la toxicomanie

Thursday, May 13, 2004

There is so much controversy over the handling of prisoners in Iraq. What makes people act and react the way our soldiers have done? How can people be so cruel? What motivates them and why would someone seem to derive pleasure from harming others?

In the book Science of Survival L. Ron Hubbard described the characterstics people have when they are at varous emotional tone levels.

Before I read this book I would be shocked and bewildered by the kinds of activities we are witnessing in these news stories. But once you understand this information, you also understand why people would act this way. But more importantly, you learn what you can do to bring them up to higher tone levels, where they would never do such things.

We can punish them, and of course we have to immediately take stringent efforts to reform our armed services, their training techniques and their "policies" that would allow such brutality. And the actions of these individuals is barbaric and unconscionable. But that does nothing, really, to prevent these individuals or this institution from acting this way in the future under similar circumstances. What handles that is addressing the underlying causes.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

What do you think of this news:

Fahrenheit 911 film too hot to handle

Thursday 06 May 2004, 22:14 Makka Time, 19:14 GMT

Disney won't distribute Michael Moore's critical fim about Bush

The Walt Disney group says it has banned its Miramax Films subsidiary from distributing a documentary critical of President George Bush's links to the family of al-Qaida's leader.

Award-winning director Michael Moore's film, Fahrenheit 911, criticises Bush policies before the 11 September 2001 attacks on the United States.

The film also alleges financial connections between the Bush family, its associates and prominent Saudi Arabian families, including that of Usama bin Ladin.

The rest of the story is here: Aljazeera.Net - Fahrenheit 911 film too hot to handle

I really disagree with the way this whole situation has been handled in the wake of the World Trade Center. It's very clear to me that there are real problems the US needs to address with the Muslem world, and the course of action we've chosen in Afghanistan and Iraq have simply served to confirm the propaganda that has been fed to the people of this region for the last two or three generations.

There is a cause of war and conflict. Someone is profiting from keeping this region in termoil. and introducing anti-terrorist measures throughout the West.

There is an article by L. Ron Hubbard that really explains what is going on behind the scenes. The Church of Scientology has turned this into a booklet called "How to Resolve Conflicts" and if governments would read it and use it, maybe we could start to turn this around.