Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Jenna Elfman and Scientology

I'm a fan of Jenna Elfman. I loved her in the movie "Keeping the Faith" and I think she has such charm and an incredible commic timing and instinct that makes her exceptional. She's lovely too.

I'm also very proud of her as a Scientologist because she's such a good example of Scientology principles in action. She contibutes her "star power" to projects the Church is doing in the field of human rights and social reform.

She also opened a Scientology mission in San Francisco in the SoMa district.

I loved the story behind that. Most Scientologists tend to open missions in their home towns. That's why Isaac Hayes and Lisa Marie Presely teamed up to open a mission in Memphis and why Kirsty Alley opened a mission in Witchita.

Jenna isn't from San Francisco -- by Dharma (of Dharma and Greg) is, and she opened a mission in the home town of her character!

She was on hand to help celebrate the grand opening of the new Scientology church in Buffalo

When a human rights group that the Church supports (Youth for Human Rights International) decided to create a music video to promote human rights, Jenna agreed to volunteer her time for a cameo appearance.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Tom Cruise and Scientology


As a Scientologist for many years, I have learned and gained so much.

Tom Cruise has done so much to help people find out about Scientology.

I wanted to share some of the best press on this with anyone viewing my blog, and give them insight as to why so many people are turning to Scientology for solutions. There's nothing I'd like more than for someone to do better in life!

ere are some examples of what Mr. Cruise has done to bring Scientology solutions to people around the world:

E-Online -- Cruise: Scientology Ambassador

Jan 30, 2002, 12:30 PM PT
Tom Cruise is crusading on behalf of Scientology. The Hollywood hunk, a steadfast devotee of the Church of Scientology, met with the U.S. ambassador in Germany to stick up for the organization's rights in that country, according to Reuters. more>>

BBC News -- Cruise Lobbies Over Scientology

Actor Tom Cruise has been lobbying officials in Germany over Scientology.

Cruise has long been an outspoken advocate of the religion and wanted to lend his weight to seeing it recognised in Germany.

Beliefnet -- New Church of Scientology Opens in Madrid: Actor Tom Cruise Addresses the Thousands in Attendance

Joining Mr. David Miscavige to celebrate today’s opening in Madrid was actor Tom Cruise, who described how Scientology has helped him in his life and career. more>>

Beliefnet -- Tom Cruise Says Scientology Helped with Learning Disability

After "Top Gun" came out in 1986, Cruise became a Scientologist and discovered the "Study Technology" the religion's founder, L. Ron Hubbard. more>>

Tom Cruise Explains His Commitment to Scientology

In the December 2004 "Men of the Year" issue of GQ, cover subject Tom Cruise sits down with features editor Lucy Kaylin for a candid conversation about the learning disorder that led to his role in Scientology, the "catastrophe of epic proportions" facing us today, and what it is really like to be Tom Cruise. more>> -- Tom Cruise Talks About Fame and Scientology

Cruise says of the controversy of that seems to cling to Scientology: "I really don't care what people say. Here's the thing you've got to understand: I'm not looking for approval from anyone. Because I know when my head hits the pillow at night, I'm doing everything I can to make the world a better place." more>>

Rolling Stone -- The Passion of the Cruise

Tom Cruise talks frankly for the first time about why Scientology is "the shit, man" more>>

Dateline -- Catching up with Tom Cruise

Actor talks about family values, Scientology and epic movie more>>

And if that's not enough, keep track of what Tom's doing at this blog about Cruise and Scientology Tom Cruise News Clips