Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Youth for Human Rights in Canada

This article showed up in El Popular in canada this week.

Odeon Galaxy Cinemas are airing a shortened version of the "UNITED" music video in all of its theatre TV screes for the month of September.

YHR is an a=international not-for-profit organization, with the purpose orf educating youth about Human Rights in order to help them become valuable addvocates for the promotion of tolerance and peace based on the Declaration of Human Rights outlined by the United Nations.

the music video "UNITED" was created by TXL Films for Youth for Human Rights International with the help fo the Human Rights Department of the Church of Scientology International. That production traveled 45,000 miles sthrough 14 countries and constituted one of the largest human rights film productions in history. The video premiered as part of the Youth For Human Rights International Summit for 2004, which was held at the United Nations world headquarters and other prominent locations in in New York.

There is also information on the 2005 International Youth Summit at the David Miscavige blog

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