Sunday, September 05, 2004

I am very excited about the grand opening of the new Church of Scientology of New York, which is going to happen later this month.

The church right in the theater district on West 43rd street, and it has been completely refurbished.

One of my favorite Scientology quotes is "You are a spirit. You are your own soul. You are not mortal. You can be free" and the purpose of Scientology is to put you into the position where you can and have actually accomplished personal spiritual freedom.

L. Ron Hubbard's legacy is a technology that can be applied to accomplish this goal. But since it is a technology of life it applies to every facet of living, and can help the individual overcome problems, help others, excel in his or her chosen field. It helps you to study, it increases IQ and reaction time. It helps improve relationships. In short it touches and can improve any aspect of life because it contains the basic truths about life.

Consequently, all our churches, missions and Scientology groups have simple courses and auditing (spiritual counseling) that will address what the individual most wants to improve in his or her life.

There are many such services, and from what I've heard there will be many many more soon.

Most of these services cost less than a night out at a club or dinner and a movie, but where the enjoyment of such diversion lasts an evening and may bring some pleasure contemplating it for a couple of days, what you gain from one of these Scientology courses or counseling services actually actually handles things, actually improving your life.

And I can think of no city that deserves Scientology more than New York. After all, New York is the best city on earth. Isn't it?

All kidding aside, New York has always been a special place to me, and September 11th only strenghthened my care for and loyalty toward it.

There are three New York Scientology Chuches:

The Church of Scientology of New York
The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre New York
The Church of Scientology of Harlem.

Harlem is a brand new church and primarily concentrates on delivering Dianetics spiritual healing technology through the Harlem Dianetics foundation. Dianetics was the first breakthrough of L. Ron Hubbard in his research that culminated a few years later in the Scientology religion.

Although it is a very new Scientology church it is working with the community on many projects while renovations are ongoing for the new building that will soon be its home.

A Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre is a special church in its own rite. The New York Scientology Celebrity Centre is located, appropriately, just down the block from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this church is dedicated to advancing the culture through caring for the artists and leaders of the society. Of course anyone is welcome to come and receive Scientology training and counseling at Celebrity Centre New York, but this church provides special training workshops and consultation for artists in every kind.

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