Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Drug-Free Down Under

I found this great story today on the Scientology Effective Solutions web site.

The Drug-Free Ambassadors Sydney, a Scientology-sponsored anti-drug group is working to help turn the tide against illegal drug use:

"In Parramatta, Australia, a city in the Sydney metropolitan area, a
group of young people called the Drug-Free Ambassadors celebrated
Australia Day this year by offering a helping hand to the youth of the
area, educating them on the truth about drugs and encouraging them to
pledge to be drug free.

Amid the fireworks and entertainment, including a special appearance

by Australian Idol Guy Sebastian, these youngsters spread the word to
thousands of residents that “drug free is the way to be!”

What motivates these youth to spend the holiday helping their peers

is information from the Bureau of Crimes Statistics showing that
possession or use of marijuana in Parramatta increased by 100% between the years 2000 and 2004. With Ecstasy use also on the increase, the Drug Free Ambassadors are concentrating on spreading the word about these two drugs."

The full story can be read online here: http://www.scientologyreligion.org/news/pg052.html

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