Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Say No to Drugs

I was reading through the web site of the Scientology Anti-Drug Campaign today and was impressed by the work they are doing.

The way they site describes the program is:

“Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life” is a community drug education and drug prevention program initiated by the Church of Scientology International. It educates youth and adults about the facts of drugs so they can make informed choices to remain drug-free.

The program acts through clubs by and for young people. These clubs reinforce a positive message of drug-free living through the distribution of educational literature that provides facts about illicit drug use and the effects of drugs on the spirit, mind and body, through group activities to popularize drug-free living, and through the support of civic leaders and members of other groups with similar aims.

Experience has taught us that people in general, and youth in particular, when they understand the destructive effects of drugs, and when they are provided with activities to interact with positive role models, and when they have the support of their peers to remain drug free, they inevitably come to the conclusion: “I don’t want to take drugs” —which is of course the ultimate purpose of the program.

Most kids just don't understand what they risk by getting involved in drugs, and a lot of the parents I know have so much trouble talking to their kids to begin with, they are a bit overwhelmed at the idea of taking up something like this with one of their kids.

That's where these booklets can really help. Because the Church has been involved in drug education for many years, they know what's effective, and they put together booklets on the various drugs kids are most likely to be exposed to, and present the information in a way that kids can understand.

Anyone can download one of the booklets and give it to their kids.

The Church also provides lectures and other activities to help get through to kids on the subject, and anyone wanting to find out more can contact a Scientology church for information. Here's a web site where you can find all the Scientology churches and their contact information.

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