Friday, July 02, 2004

L. Ron Hubbard Way is dedicated in Los Angeles

I found this photo and couldn't resist publishing it here. This was the day L. Ron Hubbard way was dedicated in LA. It was back on 1997, and I'm probably there in the crowd, although I can't spot myself in it -- I was off the the left toward the bottom of the photo.

It was such a terrific group effort, getting that street renovated for the grand opening. It's still one of the prettiest streets in LA, with the brick road surface.

One of the things I love about attending events like this is that people I really admire are there.

One such person is David Miscavige.

Many events, which are televised to Scientology churches and missions around the world, are MCed by David Miscavige.

Here's another shot of the dedication of L. Ron Hubbard Way, with David Miscavige and John Travolta leading the march down the street. And another shot of the same event here.

Every year there is an event commemorating the Anniversary of the publication of Dianetics where Mr. Miscavige is often present.

Other such events are
anniversary of the establishment of the International Association of Scientologists which usually takes place in the United Kingdom in East Grinstead where Scientologistswho have made stellar contributions to improving society are honored every year.

Another event that is televised internationally is the anniversary of the birth of Scientology founder,L. Ron Hubbard. David Miscavige usually gives the keynote speech at these events, in which he gives a brief overview of some of the most exciting news about Scientology around the world for that year. These events are held in Clearwater

Here are links to some other events like these:
David Miscavige | L. Ron Hubbard | Founding Church of Scientology
Groundbreaking Ceremony Clearwater Florida with David Miscavige

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