Monday, July 05, 2004

One of the more outspoken and well known Scientologists is Leisa Goodman.

There is an updated bio on her home page here:Church of Scientology International - Human Rights Director

Liesa is very active in promoting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Here she is at a conference held in Los Angeles on the subject.
Some web sites of Human Rights groups the Church of Scientology International supports are:
Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI)
Information on how Scientology churches support Youth for Human Rights International
International Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance
Scientology support for the International Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance.

There is an interesting article of letter by Ms. Goodman on the web site of the University of Marburg in Germany in which she addresses religious desicrimination against Scientology and other faiths in that country.

Other intersting sites that take up this subject are:

The Source for truth on the Church of Scientology and its Members
Church of Scientology Human Rights Office - Germany: Religious Freedom
Church of Scientology - Religious Freedom in the New Millennium
Is Scientology a Religion?
US Navy Department of the Chaplain - Scientology

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