Monday, April 24, 2006

Drugs and Toxins - How to Handle

There is a lot of concern about the effects of the chemical based society that we live in today.

Drugs, toxins and pesticides can have a residual affect on our bodies and our thinking. Research was done on this by L Ron Hubbard when he found that these residual effects can prevent people from getting the full benefits of Scientology counselling. He developed a solution called the Purification Rundown.

This program can benefit anyone that does it. Look at the Scientology website to get more information. You can also take a How Toxic are You Test.

In todays world everybody is exposed to these problems in some degree or another. Even radiation from x-rays and the sun has an effect on our bodies.

This is part of a program used to also help get people off recreational drugs in a program called Narconon.

Take a look at the above links to find out more.

There is also a good description of the application of L. Ron Hubbard's technology in the handing of drugs and other social ills in a speech by Mr. David Miscavige called This is Scientology. This speech can be purchased online from Bridge Publications (the Publishers of Dianetics and Scientology books in the Western Hemishphere), or by reading an excerpt of it online at the Religious Technology Center web site. Mr. Miscavige is Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center.

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