Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Find Out !

There is so much talk about Scientology lately. And so many opinions!

But the most valuable opinion you can have about Scientology is your own!

And that takes some personal examination of the subject.

The best ways to do that are to read a book by L. Ron Hubbard. You can get a Scientology or Dianetics book just about anywhere in the world these days. They are carried in most bookstores and are available through libraries.

Another suggestion I have is to go into a mission or church and watch the DVD called This is Scientology - a Presentation by Mr. David Miscavige, and then personally look into what Mr. Miscavige talks about. Talk to a Scientology Volunteer Minister, attend an introductory course or lecture or a Dianetics seminar.

And really the most important advice I can give you, as a long-term Scientologist, is to take something from the body of Scientology or Dianetics technology and try it out. See how it works. Use it to address something that is bothering you. Or use it to help a friend.

The best place to fins out about something is to look at it directly. There is a good site that gives a good overview on it. Look at Scientology Religion for more information. There are also downloadable booklets in pdf format that you can get there.

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