Thursday, June 17, 2004

Ethics and Morals

This article just showed up on Google news ( Affair was a terrible moral error: Clinton) and it once again brings up a point that affects all of us in America,whether we care to recognize it or not. This is the plummeting of moral standards in the US and most countries in the West.

An essay on Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, by L. Ron Hubbard really puts this in perspective. He wrote this in the late 1970's, and I think anyone could agree that there has been a tremendous deterioration in morals in the 25 years since.

I remember how a friend of mine in College, whom I really looked up to at the time, convinced me that morality was just another way the Establishment controls you - that by breaking free of all contstraints including morality one would be more enlightened, self-determined and free.

And I believed her at the time.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

My church (Scientology) recognizes the importance of its role as a religion in helping people improve their moral standards. Simply put, if you are living in a criminal society where you can't trust your friends and family, let alone the people you interact with at work and in your community, how happy can you be? So if only from the selfish point of view of your own happiness, improving moral values promotes greater survival.

There is a great new site from the Church of Scientology which is part of its mission to help offer workable solutions to this social dilemma.


It wasn't long after I started following my college friend's advice that my life fell apart. Fortunately for me another friend, who really was a friend, told me about Dianetics, and I read the book .

On-Line Dianetics Book

If you can't get to a bookstore or library (unlikely), or borrow a Dianetics book from a friend (there are so many in circulation I bet if you asked around, someone you know has a copy of it), you can still read a book on Dianetics if you are reading this page, because it is on line here: Evolution of a Science

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