Sunday, June 20, 2004

Scientology and Religious Tolerance

The Church of Scientology is very active in working to guarantee freedom of religion for all people. Religious tolerance is an essential aspect of any free society.

Odd as it might seem, religious intolerance is quite a problem in Western European countries, as shown in this article about a recent law passed in France.

There have been similar attempt to curtail the free practice and expression of religious faith in Germany, Belgium and other western European countries as well.

This disturbing trend lead to the establishment of the Church of Scientology International European Public Affairs and Human Rights Office in Brussels, the center of the new Europe.

Representatives of the Church of Scientology International work with other human rights and religious tolerance groups and governmental bodies to expose and eradicate abuses in this area.

As religious intolerance is spawned by false and alarming information, I recommend the following web sites on Scientology that provide accurate information, including material published by the church and information by scholars, ministers and other groups not affiliated with Scientology.

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