Thursday, June 10, 2004

Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Harlem

I'm originally from New York, and I am thrilled about what's happening in Harlem - a brand new Church of Scientology of Harlem and the launch of a Scientology Volunteer Ministers exhibit, bringing real and practical solutions.

Isaac Hayes Kicks Off National Tour In Harlem
Showing Potent Tools For Improving Life And Restoring Respect

Mr. Hayes Helps Launch Scientology Drive

The Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers launched a national campaign
with a three week exhibit in Harlem, teaching L. Ron Hubbard’s practical
techniques which people of all faiths can use to be more successful,
improve family life, get better jobs, handle study and drug problems
and restore respect in the individual and the community.

"The methods used by the Volunteer Ministers got wide media
coverage for their effectiveness at the World Trade Center
Disaster," said Reverend Willie E. Frink Jr. Pastor for the Harlem
Church of Scientology. "But shock, trauma, fatigue and injury are
not the only problems people have in life. Many of the problems
people encounter—drug dependency, the decay of personal integrity, a
disintegrating marriage, can seem overwhelming."

"What people see on this tour," said Rev. Frink, "is that no
matter what the problem, something can be done about it. You
just have to know what to do, and the methods on display here,
developed by author L. Ron Hubbard for use by people of all faiths,
are actual, practical tools for dealing with those difficulties."

Visual aids, lots of personal attention, and individual
demonstrations by guides throughout the display are used throughout
to ensure everyone who visits gets a clear idea how to handle
problems which they thought were hopeless.

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