Friday, June 25, 2004

Here's a terrific site for kids: KinderStart - Because Kids Don't Come With Instructions!

Here's what they say about their site:

"KinderStart is the largest (and most popular) indexed directory and search engine focused on children zero to seven on the 'net.

The mission of our small but dedicated staff is to provide parents, grandparents, foster parents and teachers with the most organized, and easiest to use index and search engine available."

One of the perils of the Internet comes from one of its greatest strengths - the instant availability of information of all kinds.

Where this has increased the speed and effectiveness of research 1000%, whether for professional or personal purposes, it opens the door to our kids being exposed to things they are not ready to cope with.

Hell, I don't like it when I get hit with porn pop-ups and I shudder to think of the effect of this on kids.

So this kind of portal is such a great idea.

Some of the categories I particularly recommend are:

KinderStart - Arts and Entertainment

KinderStart - Sports and Exercise

and of course:

KinderStart - Society/Culture/Environment : Religions : Scientology

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