Friday, August 11, 2006

Do You Remember?

Do you remember where you were 10 years ago?

Some dates really stand out. I was just thinking about "today in history" and remebered exactly what I was doing on August 10th 1988, and realized omygod that was 18 year ago!

I was in England studying at the Scientology headquarters there in East Grinstead. It's a lovely little town and up on a hill above it is Saint Hill. There's a beautiful manor where L. Ron Hubbard lived from the late 1950's till 1966 or '67. There's also an actual castle, designed by LRH, which is where the Scientology church, which is called Saint Hill is located.

Anyway I was there, and my mother was flying over to England that day along with a friend of hers. My mom had been widowed for just over a year and she was just getting used to being on her own and this was literally the first trip she'd ever taken without my dad.

So I met my mom and her friend in London. It was so great seeing her and we had a wonderful time together.

Funny how a simple thing like a date can bring back memories like that, isn't it?

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