Wednesday, August 09, 2006

South Africa - Fascinating!

Though I have never been to South Africa, I would very much like to. It holds great fascination and has amazing history.

I found an article giving some history of the founder of our religion when he was in Rhodesia. This is taken from an article that includes quotes from Mr. David Miscavige, the ecclesiastic leader of the Scientology religion.

Mr. David Miscavige - a Most Special Guest

Saturday, November 2, 2003, the Church of Scientology of Johannesburg opened the doors of its new headquarters in Kensington, the hub of Scientology activity in South Africa. More then 1,400 guests and well-wishers — government and religious leaders, human rights champions, celebrities and professionals, church members and friends — came from all over Africa and from many countries to celebrate the landmark dedication.

The event was capped by the appearance of Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of Religious Technology Center, custodian of the religious scriptures of Scientology.

Mr. David Miscavige’s presence to dedicate and open the new church was significant, both for him, personally, as a first-time visitor to the country, as well as for the parishioners of the 45-year-old Johannesburg church. “It is my honor to address you, to walk in a land where L. Ron Hubbard laid so many milestones, and on this, your milestone day,” he stated.

L. Ron Hubbard overlooking an African township where his educational tools would eventually mean so much.
The Chairman of the Board traced the history of Mr. Hubbard’s experience in South Africa, where, in characteristic style, he observed life by rubbing elbows with many Africans of all stations, befriending government ministers, entering the townships, attending tribal celebrations and seeing life as it really was in apartheid South Africa.

Beneath apartheid’s suppression “of virtually every indigenous people, perpetrated by the same psychiatric ideologies that laid six million to rest under the banner of eugenics during the second world war,” Mr. Hubbard found “an unbroken tradition of spiritualism extending back to the very dawn of man,” and “an indomitable human spirit that, although suppressed, no one could extinguish,“ said Mr. David Miscavige.

He spoke, as well, of Mr. Hubbard’s certainty that indeed Africa was “‘the cradle of civilization,’ possessing a spirit that, if sparked, could burn forth throughout the world,” echoing Mr. Hubbard’s prediction, “From South Africa will spring the next great civilization on this planet.”

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