Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Okay. I couldn't resist this one. My very favorite - John Travolta - at the 37th Anniversary Gala of the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International.

Travolta gets his groove on
Travolta attended the Scientology event with wife Kelly Preston
Travolta gets his groove on
11.01, Tue Aug 8 2006

John Travolta has been strutting his stuff and proving he still has all the right moves.

Last weekend saw the 37th Anniversary Gala Saturday, an event for the highest-profiled followers of Scientology - and John was making the most of the proceedings.

The former Grease star attended the event in Hollywood with wife Kelly Preston, although fellow Scientology followers Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were nowhere to be seen.

Soul diva Chaka Khan was providing the entertainment and belted out numerous classic tunes for the 1,100 invitees to boogie away the night.

John explained his attendance: "When I found Celebrity-Centre I found my life again.

"That's when I found Scientology and I found the truth and I found what works and so for me it is very important yearly to mark that celebration almost like an anniversary.

"There are a lot of people doing the same things I am but each year it gets even more impressive I think."

John's wife Kelly added: "I think artists have a special need, they are always out there, they are giving themselves.

"They are trying to create and trying to create freely and there are a lot of things that weigh you down or eat at you, whether it is drugs, alcohol, different people."

She continued: "Scientology can really give you tools to work in the workplace, to create freely and just be happier."

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