Thursday, August 26, 2004

Conventional Protest

Interesting story on Leslie Cagan, the organizer of the planned anti-Bush protest which the New York State Supreme Court is trying to stop.

I myself can't understand the point of having a Republican convention (or a Democratic convention this year for that matter) when there is no purpose for its convening - the candidates have been selected, even their running mates are set. What are we watching? Why that incredible expense?

Imagine if all the money that was spend on these two conventions were channeled instead into effective programs to handle drugs, crime and iliteracy. What if it was used to educate children in areas like Rowanda, feed kids in the Sudan, provide grants for small businesses in Ghana. What positive good it could have accomplished.

Le Petit Prince Trouvé?


A "SUPER-Earth" has been discovered orbiting a star about 50 light years away.

European astronomers sighted the planet orbiting a Sun-like star, mu Arae, in a southern constellation called the Altar and which is bright enough to be seen with the naked eye.

The unnamed world, which whizzes around mu Arae in just 9.5 days, is the smallest of about 125 so-called extrasolar planets that have been detected so far.

Most extrasolar planets spotted so far are about the size of Jupiter. "

"This planet is far smaller, with a mass only 14 times that of the Earth. It appears to be a rocky planet with a gassy atmosphere and orbits in a balmy region.

"However, there is the tantalising question as to whether it lies within the "Goldilocks Zone" -- a distance from its star that is not too hot, not too cold, just right to sustain life. - AFP

Ou est mon baobab et ma rose?

New Breakthrough in Electronics?

This little article could be a major breakthrough. A minor mention in the indy news today. I wonder the ramifications it will have 2 years from now on the entire electronics industry.

More Scientology Links

And for my favorite hobby - finding cool links about the Scientology religion, here's a page I just stumbled across. Great selection of links.
Another one on Mr. David Miscavige(one of my favorites)
And here's a terrific speech by the President of the Church of Scientology of Washington D.C.

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