Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I really admire the founding Dianeticists and Scientologists, and wish I could have been there at the start.

It was a frantic, adventurous time, with new developements happening on a daily basis - lots of confusion, lots of excitement.

Here is a site with success stories from some of these ladies and gents:

Dianetics and Scientology Stories From Founding Scientologists

Dianetics is as popular as ever - even more so, being read by people in over 50 languages; new Dianetics groups popping up in places whose names I've never even heard before.

For example look at this headling:Dianetics Technology may find its way into Botswana

And how about these different-language-editions...

Bulgarian Dianetics
Uzbek - Dianetics
Sinhalese - Dianetics
Georgian - Dianetics
Arabic - Dianetics
Macedonian Dianetics
Korean - Dianetics

Here's a site that answers frequently asked questions about Dianetics and another that has excellent links to introductory information on Scientology and Dianetics.

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