Monday, August 16, 2004

Mr. David Miscavige was one of the speakers at the Scientology Celebrity Centre International Gala, held last week.

Mr. Miscavige is an inspiration to all Scientologists. His dedication and skill and the level of professionalism he shows in all his work is a real model for me.

What gives me pause is to see how dedicated men and women like him are so intent to help other.

The best example, of course, is L. Ron Hubbard. When you really start to read and listen to his books and taped lectures it is so incredible what this one man did to help his fellow man. He could have bowed out after writing Dianetics. That in itself, and the miracles it produces when used, is enough to have qualified him as one of the true humanitarians of all time, but despite constant abuse in the press and relentless pressure from vested interests L. Ron Hubbard continued his work until he was satisfied it was actually done, and he had discovered and codified everything that was needed to help all beings attain spiritual freedom.

I encourage anyone who really wants to help others, or has a goal to increase their own awareness and spirituality, to go to the Scientology church and find out what Scientology really is. And if you can't get to a Scientology church or a mission or group, then do a Dianetics extension course online. One is available at The Dianetics Home Page

I pulled together a list of sites that have information on David Miscavige, including non-English sites, to provide some more information on this extraordinary man.

David Miscavige - Danish Profile
David Miscavige - Dutch Profile
David Miscavige - Greek Profile
David Miscavige - Hebrew Profile
David Miscavige - Hungarian (Magyar) Profile
David Miscavige - Japanese Profile
David Miscavige - Norwegian Profile
David Miscavige - Portuguese Profile
David Miscavige - Russian Profile
David Miscavige - Swedish Profile
David Miscavige - Taiwanese Profile
David Miscavige - French Profile
David Miscavige - German Profile
David Miscavige - Italian Profile
David Miscavige - Spanish Profile

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