Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I think Youth for Human Rights is a terrific group and a wonderful program.

I am sure that by educating youth on the importance of real communication among races, ethnic groups and countries and affirmaing the rights of each individual, as held by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we can accomplish peace.

I see that Youth for Human Rights has just held a summit at the United Nations.

Here's some information on the event, from the Youth for Human Rightsweb site:

"The colorful event was held in an assembly room of the United Nations. Delegates arrived bearing their national flags and wearing satin sashes with the name of their countries.

"Dr. Pouran Ameli, President of the American-Iranian Friendship Association, opened the event, commending the delegates, Youth for Human Rights International and the Human Rights Department of the Church of Scientology International for their efforts to teach human rights to young people.

"Mr. Graig Mokhiber, Deputy Director of the US Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, told the delegates that the United Nations looks to youth to bring increased sanity and stability to the world, and that the UN wants to work with young people to achieve this purpose.

"Also speaking were the Director of Youth for Human Rights International, Mary Shuttleworth, and YHRI celebrity spokesperson Lynsey Bartilson, star of the popular American TV series, 'Grounded for Life.'

"Two delegates who recently met with the presidents of their nation, Natasha Jain of India and Fay O’Choa of Guyana, then spoke about what they would like to accomplish for human rights in their countries.
Natasha said that someday she hopes to found the first L. Ron Hubbard School of Human Rights in India."

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