Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Dan and Pam Blehert are two Scientologists I really admire. They are both artists - she is a painter and both are poets, and their honesty and idealism is as refreshing as it is contageous.

Here are some of their sites:

Scientology, a Modern Religion. This is a brief statement about Scientology, and a list of their recommended sites. I've read through them and I agree they are excellent sources of information on Scientology.

Words & Pictures -Site of Pam and Dean Blehert: This is their main site - full of interesting and useful information. Dean's poems are quite inspirational. Pam gives great on-line art lessons. It's updated regularly and always has something new to enjoy.

Waterbug: This is Pam's blog, which she updates regularly with her poetry.

That't it for my Blehert fan club for today.

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